Bonita Senior Center to Install Automated Check-In System

Bonita Senior Center to Install Automated Check-In System in January

A new, automated check-in system called MySeniorCenter will soon be installed in the foyer at
the Hope Lutheran Church Activity Center where the Bonita Senior center meets. It’s specifically
designed to help our staff members manage the various sign-ups and sign-ins, and improve the
way we report our services to businesses, foundations, agencies and potential donors.

Moreover, by quickly and accurately detailing which services we’re providing, the system will
increase our chances of receiving additional funding in the future. Today MySeniorCenter is
being used by over 900 senior centers across the U.S. and Canada—so it’s a proven tool.

A Change for the Better
The new system is extremely easy to use. Here’s how it works:

1. All visitors and volunteers will receive a small keytag. (The card contains no personal
information, but it will allow the new system to recognize you.)
2. Instead of signing into our book, you’ll swipe your keytag at the scanner, or you can
enter your name on the touchscreen (see below).
3. Press the touchscreen to select the programs you’ll be participating in that day.
4. Press FINISH.

A Smooth Transition

Even though MySeniorCenter is designed to be user-friendly, Bonita senior Center staff
members and volunteers will be available in the foyer for the first few weeks to help people
operate the new check-in system. We want to make the transition as seamless as possible for

To reiterate, once MySeniorCenter is running smoothly, our registration process will be more
efficient and we’ll stand a better chance of receiving funding for future activities.

MySeniorCenter will be installed in January 0f 2024.

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